General questions

How do I order refills?

Refills can be ordered by phone, or through our website. Faq page

  • Call +44 7795 356071  hours a day, seven days a week. You can speak directly to someone during business hours. Off-hours, you can leave a voice message or use our automat ordering system.
  • Our refill system allows you to create a secure online account where you can place prescription refill orders.  Set up an account

How long does it take to have medication deliver?

All things consider, each item has its own drying time. Also its very unsafe to paint during the stormy season. If in the event that, you proceed with the composition and it rains intensely, not permitting sufficient time for the paint to dry , you may need to deal with issues. Henceforth, we prescribe you to notice the climate condition and afterward proceed with painting.

What is the difference between a brand name and a generic drug? Is one better than the other?

At the point when a medicine is first evolve, the maker has patent privileges on the equation or potentially compound. When this patent right terminates, different organizations can deliver nonexclusive variants of the medication that meet similar FDA prerequisites and guidelines as the brand name drug. Most insurance agencies require conventional replacements except if explicitly mention by the prescriber or patient.

Why does the doctor call my medication by one name and the pharmacy label it with another?


Medications are generally identify by one of two names or an abbreviation. The brand name or trade name that is assigne by the manufacturer when it is introduce is the most common use by medical staff. The generic or chemical name is what will normally be print on the label from your pharmacy since this is what they are actually dispensing. Many medications also have a commonly known abbreviation.
For example, a common medication use to treat high blood pressure is hydrochlorothiazide (generic name), which is commonly refer to as HCTZ (accepted abbreviation); the medication is manufacture by Merck & Co. as HydroDIURIL (brand name). We understand this can become confusing. Please do not hesitate to ask our pharmacy staff for clarification.

Who do I call if I think I’m having a reaction to a new prescription?

Incidental effects from drugs are differ. Assuming you are encountering general inconvenience like sickness, a rash or a cerebral pain, contact your primary care physician’s office. Assuming you are encountering chest torment, hives, a rash all around your body, or serious windedness, call 911.

Other questions


Drug opposition is the capacity of an organic entity, like a microbes, infection, or malignant growth, to conquer the impacts of a medication endorse to obliterate it. This is of specific worry with the HIV infection requiring a more noteworthy than 95% medication adherence rate to decrease the danger of opposition. Missing your drug dosages will make the HIV infection impervious to treatment. Bacterial opposition can be exceptionally normal assuming portions are miss. To dispose of the contamination without requiring extra remedies, kindly accept ALL your dosages as recommended.



There are several things to consider before purchasing your prescription medication from an online pharmacy. It is important to verify the legitimacy of an online pharmacy by looking for the VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site) symbol and certification. This certification tells you the following: The pharmacy is locate here in the U.S.; they dispense only FDA-approve medications; and a valid prescription is require. Without the VIPPS symbol there is great potential for you to receive counterfeit medication, substandard drug product or a generic form of a drug that is not approve here in the U.S.

How long should one wait before painting in case of a new construction?

Other warnings a site is risky include: absence of a telephone number to contact the drug store. Publicizing definitely lower costs than conventional drug stores. Offers to offer the medicine to you without a solution (which is illegal); and demands for individual data, for example, a Social Security number without a safe association. The best asset is to get remedies from a confide in drug specialist at your nearby drug store. Assuming you really want the comfort of an internet base drug store. Stay with notable sites of nearby drug stores or ask about home conveyance choices at your cherish physical drug store.

What is a Specialty Medication?


Despite the fact that there is no all inclusive meaning of specialty meds. There are two fundamental factors that decide if a prescription is named all things consider: cost and intricacy of treatment. Habitats for Medicare and Medicaid Services order specialty meds as those having a month to month cost of at minimum $600. Meds requiring extra checking for security and viability, as well as those with extraordinary capacity necessities, may likewise be view as specialty meds. Instances of specialty meds include:. Biologic specialists for insusceptible infections, direct antiviral specialists for hepatitis C treatment and compound substitution drugs.

What is a compounding pharmacy?

While most pharmacies offer some level of compounding, most compounding is done in pharmacies that have made the investment in equipment and training to do so safely and efficiently. The preparations offer by these compounding pharmacies can be nonsterile (ointments, creams, liquids, or capsules that are use in areas of the body where absolute sterility is not necessary) or sterile (usually intend for the eye, or injection into body tissues or the blood).